What are the studio's policies around COVID-19?

We kindly ask that if you are not vaccinated that you wear a mask. Once you are on the mat and 6 feet from the student next to you (about 2 arms lengths), you can remove your mask if you'd like. Also, please stay home if you are not feeling well.

What is the studio's disinfecting protocol ?

We take cleanliness very seriously. We have several measures in place to keep the studio consistently clean for your safety. Firstly, our classes are spaced 30 min apart from each other to minimize person-to-person contact in the lobby. This also gives us ample time to disinfect the lobby, the bathroom, and the practice space before the next class. We have UV-C equipment that we use to disinfect the lobby and practice space all night long. Read more about UV-C here. We also offer hand sanitizer throughout the studio.

I don't feel comfortable coming in to practice yet. Do you offer streaming or recorded classes?

We understand and respect that. That is why we offer an on-demand video library of yoga classes for you to practice along with. The Inner Circle Membership offers virtual classes, including monthly live streaming workshops, and would be perfect for someone who needs or wished to stay home and practice.

Is there a waiver I need to fill out?