Welcome to Lotus Life Yoga Center

Class Descriptions

At Lotus Life Yoga Center we pride ourselves on offering a variety of classes from meditation, wellness, yogic history and more. We offer a structure that ensures your progress and joy. All of our classes are 60 min long unless otherwise specified. 

Lotus 1

Beginner, with a little extra spice. This class is great for the true beginner as well as more experienced beginners. Focus is placed on the breath, asana, relaxation, and philosophy.

Lotus 2

For the practitioner who has mastered Lotus 1 or is coming to the mat with more experience. This class offered deeper and more challenging asanas variations, philosophy, and all around yogic practices. Borrowing from vinyasa to traditional hatha yoga, class offers a unique experience for the student.

Open Lotus

A class for all levels. Expect a holistic, well-rounded, class with warm ups, asana, relaxation, and pranayama. Variations and modifications will be shown.

Lotus Flow

Big energy, big purpose...class begins with intentions and a wisdom talk. We move into activating pranayma and vinyasa-style flow. Class aims to awaken and free every cell of your body. We conclude with deep relaxation and mantra. For more experienced practitioners.

Yin Lotus

Restore and heal the body with yin yoga. Yin embraces the moon energy, or the cooling and restorative side, of hatha yoga. Postures are held for longer duration while using props to release and fully relax. Students will enjoy candle light, relaxing music, and a blissful environment. No experience needed.

Solar Flow

We heat the studio to 85 degrees and let our body heat push it toward 90. Solar flow is all about harnessing the energy of our solar plexus and solar energy through sun salutations and fun vinyasa flows. Class is best suited for intermediate level students.

Tantric Roots

This class offers the experience of high intensity cardio dance, yoga flow, and deep breath work to ignite and sustain overflow in the body and spirit. Class begins with ancient tantric wisdom and ends with deep meditation.