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I've been on the hunt


for a while now looking for a newsletter that would 1) deliver value 2) deliver a sense of community that I could relate to 3) excited me 4) gave me tools and lessons to strengthen my resolutions and confidence as well as 5) show me how to build a kick ass mindfulness and wellness-based lifestyle.

Well, I couldn't quite find it so I decided to build it myself. Each week I showcase the incredible opportunities you have to work with me and the other amazing instructors at Lotus Life Yoga. Not to mention inspiration from other community members who are living their best Lotus Life! You'll also receive occasional freebies such as audio affirmations, pdfs, and Master Courses.

No matter if you are practicing at our local studio or joining for the digital lessons, events, and courses, there is something for everyone.

Welcome and I am so grateful to have you join this amazing community !


Kim Fischer

CEO & Head Goddess

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Each week when you open the Lotus Life Newsletter you are getting an amazing blend of...

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Sometimes we all need a push to keep doing life. We get it. We promise to deliver the love and passion to fire you up.

Seeing someone else do it is great but learning the exact steps are even better. You'll learn the steps and mindset that will help you launch into your goals and visions.

You matter. It is that simple. Each newsletter is created with you in mind and will always aim to love and support you.

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You want something that works with your busy life and works right now- we get it! So do we. Spirituality doesn't have to be complicated to work. And you don't need to sell your belongings to find bliss.

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